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It is common knowledge that presidential elections will be held on 19th December 2010 in Belarus, which is dubbed by a number of leading media on the Old Continent as the “last dictatorship in Europe”.

On a number of occasions the Russian President Putin has stated that the active involvement of his country into international and regional integration processes is one of the key instruments for modernization of national economy.

The latest developments in post-Soviet space indicate serious omissions in American policy, addressing the establishment of US-loyal regimes in the ex-Soviet republics. In actual fact, the “colour revolutions” in Georgia, the Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan additionally complicated both the situation in these countries and their problems, caused by the serious economic crisis.

It is a well-known fact that in the course of two centuries Russia has been putting a lot of effort in enforcing its positions in the Black Sea and Caucasus regions and in Central Asia. In result of the series of Russian – Turkish wars, the Caucasian war and the Turkistan marches, which ended with the inclusion of Khiva and Bukhara into the empire, this task seemed accomplished.

The recovery of the Bulgarian state system in the XIX century is the culmination in the restructuring of the Balkan’s geopolitical map. It was due to the sacrifice of the Bulgarian rebels in 1876 and bloodshed and heroism of the Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Romanian and Finnish soldiers in 1877-1878.

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